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Photo of Brett MitchellBrett Mitchell

Brett Mitchell is an accomplished pianist and composer. He has been performing along the Central Coast for over 18 years. Brett's musical selections include jazz standards from the Great American Songbook, songs written by many of the greats like Cole Porter, Gershwin, Rogers & Hart or sung by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Mel Torme and others.

Brett is also a singer/songwriter. He studied with Paul Simon and worked with Melissa Manchester while attending New York University. Some of their tunes being recorded by Chappell Music. Brett was also published through Etherean Records for several of his original compositions and arrangements. He was nominated by the National Association of Independent Record Distributors for best Christian Album "Inspiration."

Currently, Brett is performing with Human Nation. Led by Adam Levine (guitar), Brett plays keyboards alongside Dave Becker (saxaphone, flute, clarinet), Bill Wingfield (upright and electric bass) and Dean Giles (drums and percussion). Their musical style is diverse and exciting, drawing on the samba of Brazil, urban funk, a touch of Americana and the straight ahead bebop sounds of jazz. You will hear the influences of Pat Matheny, the Yellow Jackets, Miles Davis, Steely Dan and others.

He also performs as pianist in the Steve McCann Jazz Band let by vocalist, Steve McCann whose voice is a blend of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

Photo of Julia MitchellJulia Mitchell

Julia has a deep, warm voice perfectly suited to jazz ballads and torch songs. It also translates well to blues, soul, pop and gospel. Julia kept her voice hidden for much of her life, sharing it only with close family and friends. In 1993, she began performing with friend Jim Conroy as a backup vocalist and in 1996 opened up more publicly when she began working with Brett. He saw in her the talent to be a headlining vocalist. Brett and Julia have been working together since that time and were married in 2003.

Brett had the skills that Julia needed to put the original songs she held in her mind and heart down on paper as charts that other musicians could perform. From there they began working together writing, producing, arranging and orchestrating a CD of their original music, called Where Innocence Can Live.

Julia has performed on the Central Coast at such events as the Central Coast Follies, Cambria Jazz Festival and the San Luis Obipso Jazz Federation "Three Divas" concert. She is seen most frequently at D'Anbino Cellars in Paso Robles.


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